We offer a wide range of services for practices like yours. We're your one-stop solution.

An image of a glazed frame

We offer a reliable and high-quality glazing service to our customers.

From the everyday to complex work, you can get the job done by leaving it to us.

Relax and leave it to us.


A photo of rimless spectacles

You can put all your glazing work with us, whether it's a high-index material or an awkward polycarbonate, we can glaze it.

Our  service is affordable, quick and reliable, so why not let us take the strain.


A photograph of an image tracer.

If you're preference is to use remote edging with an in-practice tracer, then we're set up to offer you a cost-effective and reliable service.

Our industry-standard system means you can come to us for a no-fuss service.



A photograph of an image tracer.

We can take all the most difficult glazing jobs and take them off your hands.

If you're wondering about a difficult job, ask us - the answer is likely to be that we can do it for you.



A highly-enlarged image of a lens surface.

If you need a dependable surfacing service, give us a call.

We can offer accurate digital surfacing at a highly competitive price.


A picture of a hand holding an uncut lens.

You're at the right place for affordable uncut lenses.

Our wide range includes varifocals, bifocals and single vision lenses, as well as our superb photochromic.

Just give us a call and we can send you our price list.


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