A photo of a male and a female optician stood in their practice doorway.


You’re an independent practice. We’re an independent laboratory.

It’s a partnership.

We understand the value of unbiased advice - just as you do. And like you, we succeed or fail on the quality of our products and the quality of our lenses, glazing and remote edging service.

We’re confident that no laboratory takes greater pains than Advanced Optical to give you the very best quality and service. We think it’s why we’ve gained a heavyweight qualification like ISO 9001.

That doesn’t mean our prices are premium though. Far from it, we’re confident that you won’t get a better deal. Try us, we’ve some great products of our own. Users tell us that there’s no better progressive lens for the money than our own Acuity brand.

We’ll go further. We’re very confident that our exclusive PhotoLight is absolutely the best photochromic you can buy at the price.

If you’re thinking of finding a laboratory that doesn’t just talk about service, give us a call and let us show you what service means to us.

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Corinium Industrial Estate,
Raans Road,
Amersham HP6 6FB

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